Our Business

75 +

Yoma Bank branches nationwide


Hospital in Myanmar Awarded JCIA

45,000 +

Wave Money agents in 290 townships


Beds across 3 hospitals and 3 clinics

3 +

Real Estate projects in Yangon

7 +

Key tourism destinations

2,000 +

Affordable residential built


Areas of leadership in Myanmar Tourism

Investments Overview

As at 31 March 2019

Yoma Bank
Yoma Bank Limited51.0%
Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospitals
Yoma Siloam Hospital Pun Hlaing Limited60.0%
Pun Hlaing International Hospital Limited60.0%
Memories Group
Memories Group Limited8.4%
Thanlyin Estate Development Limited30.0%
The Peninsula Yangon
Peninsula Yangon Holdings Pte. Limited6.0%
Yoma Central
Meeyahta Development Limited
*This is the ultimate interest upon satisfaction of certain conditions.
Meeyahta International Hotel Limited20.0%
Pun Hlaing Links
Pun Hlaing Links Services Company Limited30.0%
FMI City Gate
FMI Development Group Limited100%
FMI Garden Development
F.M.I Garden Development Limited47.5%
FMI Riverside
FMI Riverside Development Limited47.5%
LSC-FMI Co., Ltd.50.0%
Wave Money
Digital Money Myanmar Limited*
*Including 5% owned by Yoma Bank (as a subsidiary of FMI)
FMIDecaux Company Limited40.0%
Myanmar Agri-Tech
Myanmar Agri-Tech Limited30.0%
MTSH Myanmar Thilawa SEZ
Myanmar Thilawa SEZ Holdings Public Limited1.7%

Strategic Vision

FMI focuses on Financial Services, Real Estate, Healthcare and Tourism sectors in Myanmar while maintaining a portfolio of strategic investments. Across all its core businesses, FMI aims to contribute towards nation building and the long-term economic development of Myanmar.

Yoma Bank is driven by three strategic priorities: people, governance, and technology, and has put people at the center of its operation since inception.

Wave Money offers an instant and convenient way to send and receive money, pay for utilities, shop online and make payments to anyone, anywhere in Myanmar.

PHSH strategy is to deliver international quality healthcare that is affordable, accessible and equitable to all socio-economic segments across the country through its national network of hospitals. The model is built on the foundation of full time doctors, state of the art equipment, emergency services and digital technology.

Yoma Land’s strategy is to build communities that are attractive, safe and vibrant that appeal to those seeking a healthy and community-centric lifestyle.

Memories Group’s strategy is to create a collection of sustainable, responsible and complementary hospitality and tourism brands in Myanmar. Besides catering to local and international leisure and business travellers, the group is also focused on improving the lives of the Myanmar people.